Commitment to quality

CASAPONSA’s corporate philosophy has always been to offer the highest quality products to meet our customers’ needs.

Quality and food safety certificates
CASAPONSA has achieved the highest quality standards within the food sector since 2007, as accredited by its BRC and IFS certifications. These provide a guarantee to our customers of our entire production process and ensure food hygiene and product traceability.


Casaponsa is a company adhered to the Comprehensive Program of Self-Control of the Quality and Traceability of the Meat Industry (Programa Integral Autocontrol de la Calidad y Trazabilidad de la Industria de la Carne, PACIC) whose objective is to evaluate the labeling and traceability of meat, as well as the quality and labeling of meat derivatives.



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Change in opening hours

CHANGE IN OPENING HOURS Our company has adapted its working hours until further notice. FACTORY HOURS: Monday to Friday,...
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